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About Me

Who am I?

Hi! I'm Fleur Cooperstone. I was created as an avatar within Second Life(i.e. SL). I really had no idea what SL was about at all. However I started to explore and I found a virtual world filled with creations and images and music and people. There are complete cultures of interesting groups of people doing very different kinds of things.

Who am I behind the avatar? I am a Christian, married over thirty years, a software developer, someone who loves to learn and share and is mostly joyful and hopeful. I make computers sing my songs. My intent is to always be anonymous in real life. I have an e-mail address: or

Who am I? I'm someone who loves dancing in a virtual world and wants to share the joy and happiness by providing the best software that I can create to make dancing fun and interesting.

Some Fleursoft DanceHUD history

One of the early groups I joined was a mermaid group that is called Safe Waters Foundation. They had weekly meetings and everyone there was either a mermaid or merman. In a virtual world you can be anything. There are even animations that make your movements look wonderful as a mermaid (called animation overrides). It all becomes a very 'real' world - if a lot different than you might expect.

One of the events we were working on was a dance recital. We had six mermaids and we all were working on coordinating our dances to a set of music. It was very pretty. We happened to be practicing in a simulation called Cocoa Beach. At the end of our practice there was a singer that I heard in the simuation - Shasta. I wanted to meet this person and understand what was going on. This sounded like a live concert with Shasta singing songs on request. Looking up from under the water I saw an area that looked like a dance hall. I came up out of the water - changed from being a mermaid to wearing a dancing dress and walked into the dance club.

I was very confused at first - lots of folks dancing to Shasta singing. Lots of conversation in text. I got greeted at the door by someone named Ladybug Trafalger. I must have been there typing with Ladybug for a couple of hours. She helped explain that it was a club for live music performances. She explained a lot to me - helped a lot. I really felt connected with Ladybug. I met Shasta that night - she is always a wonderful performer and became a very good friend.

Ladybug was the host for that night for a couple of performers - happened to be Shasta. I think DJ Ray Trafalger was next - but way too fuzzy for me to be sure. She explained the performances and how folks would come and visit, listen to the performance and donate lindens (virtual money) to the performer, club and hostess. The visiters would either dance with the dance balls that are at the club or would bring their own dances (confusing to me at the time).

I eventually met DJ Ray - who in real life was married to Ladybug. He played the most wonderful music that you could dance to - fun music, romantic, pretty and interesting. It was a joy to hear Ray talk about the people present and the music and anything else. We'd chat over time and became like family.

I got interested in dancing in the clubs - so I started trying to learn. One of the best places to learn was Dance Queens. They had tutorials on lots of stuff. Huddles(tm) was the dance HUD (Heads Up Display) of the day. It let you have dance sequences - animations that you would dance in sequence with delays for how long to dance each animation. This changed everything for me - my world became unhinged. I started down the path of collecting dance animations and putting together the dance sequences on Dance Queens.

Over time - I got enough dances that I was inviting and dancing with folks at DJ Ray's performances. I'd add dances over time and we got to have a set of about five people who would come and we'd all dance synchronized the same dance sequences. Ray got asked what our name was once - so he called us 'The Raylettes'.

Well - next performance we had little signs over our heads that twirled and said 'The Raylettes'.

I started running into limits and problems with the Huddles(tm) as a dance HUD. It worked - but - oh - it was work. Huddles(tm) was not designed from the ground up to make dancing wonderful - it was designed to make scripting other objects easy and happened to be able to also do dance sequences.

In real life - I'm a software developer. I love a challenge. Since Huddles(tm) was driving me crazy - I started work on a pure dance HUD. Something that from the very initial starting point was all about dancing and making dancing easier and much more fun and interesting in Second Life(tm).

I kept working at it for a year and a half and the result was: Fleursoft DanceHUD 1.0.

It wasn't the most wonderful dance HUD - but it did what I thought was important. I also tested it extensively with DJ Ray and The Raylettes. Over time I added a few other features which led up to the 1.3 revision.

I danced with DJ Ray and Ladybug for what seems like a few years... but it ended quickly. Ray developed lung cancer - stage 4 - and soon he died. I remember the tributes and the complete loss. I left SecondLife for about two years - never really have gone back to do very much there. The loss of Ray just - I couldn't do anything there.

A friend wanted me to get the Fleursoft DanceHUD working on the open source grids. I started and stopped and made very little progress. Fun - but my heart wasn't in it at all.

Feburary 2017 changed when someone asked if I could get it working on osgrid. I figured it was time to try. I've been working on the Fleursoft DanceHUD for about three months off and on and now I have rev 1.4 almost ready for release.

I have a few minor bugs to address and then I'll release the open source version of the Fleursoft DanceHUD 1.4.

My intent is to get it on the open source marketplace for the open source grids - the idea being that the small cost is buying support. Any problem, anytime - ask and I'll do my best to help, explain, fill in details.